A person could be registered as a member of the community when he/she satisfies the following requirements.

  • Be a Tigriyan, born or grown up in Tigray, or related by marriage or adoption. 5.2 who accepted this bylaw and is willing to implement it.
  • Who has submitted completed and signed membership form.
  • Legally married husband and wife will complete a single form and are considered as one member.
  • 18 years and above that lives independently
  • Who pays $100.00 to strengthen the community on during registration.
  • Who pays $200.00 on the time of registration, this will be deposited in a separate bank account and goes towards the service of passed away members and their family. Then after, who pays $100.00 annually.
  • Who pays $10.00 monthly to run the activity of the community,
  • Any payment paid by members will serve to the goals indicated under the bylaw. When members either voluntarily or involuntarily stop their membership, they will not be reimbursed.
  • A person who wants to be member but could not complete the payments because of health problem, unemployment or lack of sufficient finance, has a right to apply in writing to the board. If the board is convinced with the reasons, the person could be registered as a member and all his membership rights will be preserved.
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